About me...

I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Respiratory Care and worked my way up to management of the Cardiopulmonary Department at my local hospital.  I taught college classes at my alma mater. Six years later I decided to obtain a teaching certificate through Western Governor's University in Utah (http://www.wgu.edu/).  I quit my job and taught (having my Bachelor's degree already qualified me to teach full-time) as a substitute and later a full-time science teacher at a small country public school.  I loved teaching there!  The teachers were hard-working, friendly and caring group and the students were wonderful; I helped to start FCA and was the faculty vice-president.  Several years later I wanted to teach at my own children's school, so I applied and began.  I wanted to spend more time with them and simplify my morning and evening routines...  I taught there for two years. I was a teacher of science (in all grades) and facilitator for higher level math.

I then realized I was still working all day (very hard) for other people's children, and my children were spending the majority of their day with someone else.  I borrowed a book from a friend who homeschooled and fell in love with the concepts and the fun ideas that I could do with MY four children!  I began researching and decided to go for it.  

My friend encouraged me to begin, but cautioned me about how stressful it could become.  I joined two groups and then decided I wanted to help others be encouraged to begin this journey as well.  I started "HOMESCHOOLING CONSULTATION SERVICES" where I would personally and professionally encourage and evaluate homes for homeschooling.  See my website for these services at the following web address:  http://www.homeschoolingconsultation.com/


I am a test administrator for IOWA and Stanford Achievement Tests for 

Christian Home Educators of 

West Virginia (CHEWV): http://www.chewv.org/.


I am also available to test your child privately through Bob Jones.  Contact me first to verify my availability.  $55