Portfolio Evaluations for Homeschooled children

 Kristen Adkins, WV Certified Teacher, Homeschooling Mom

Choosing to do a portfolio for your assessment this year? 

Homeschooling can be daunting - especially when needing to have a certified teacher evaluate your child's work yearly.  Some teachers do not believe in homeschooling's ideals or principles and some believe that only certified teachers can teach.  

I am a teacher who left teaching in the public school system (even though I did enjoy it immensely) and who left teaching at Christian private school to homeschool my own four precious children!  I am pro-homeschooling  and will provide a pleasant, positive, and purposeful portfolio evaluation for your children. I have a middle school teaching certification in West Virginia.

Many moms ask if I'm "Unschooling Friendly"; I say "YES".  I think children can and will succeed in a rich learning environment!  Check out this link for more info:  http://www.holtgws.com/whatisunschoolin.html

Look at my "Creating" page to determine what is needed to start. Then utilize the "Contact Us" page to link to the website that will allow you to order the Evaluation Form.


What is a portfolio?  A portfolio is simply a collection of your work which you want to be shown or to remember.  Portfolios are typically collected in a 3-ring binder, but don’t forget we now have: flash drives, YouTube video libraries, or combinations of these methods.

Why create a portfolio?  Portfolios allow a homeschooling family to sort through what is being learned, decide what learning lessons have demonstrated value, and allows a future record of what learning was accomplished in a particular school year.  Also allows a homeschooling family to CREATE MEMORIES for your child, grandchildren, friends, or family.  This also is a formal way to showcase your child’s work not based upon comparison with other children [or for students with poor test-taking skills].  Portfolios give you a chance to review what has been taught at your ‘school’ and tweak your approach and subjects as needed.

Prices are $35.00 first child; $15.00 each additional child. Plus return postage fees.

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